The Hair You Have vs. The Hair You Want

When I was a kid, my Skipper doll had the hair I dreamed of... long, blonde, straight and completely the same from day to day. My hair is quite the opposite: fine, dark, and unpredictably wavy. It changes with the weather, literally. 

Like so many women, I've put energy and time and money into wishing my hair could take on characteristics opposite of those I was born with. I hear it all the time from my friends, too. So often, women blessed with curls wish for straight and relaxed. Those graced with pencil straight hair like I longed for spend time and money making waves or curls using a variety of old and new methods. I've dabbled into the world of blondes, cut it to all different lengths, and tried two perms: one successful, one very much not. 

So it goes, this cycle of hair and happiness! We're lucky to live at a time when we can choose to change our looks, drastically and temporarily. We're able to vacation into the realms of the hair we wish we were born with. Thousands of products exist to help us keep up a style all day long, or even for several days, as long as it doesn't get wet.

That's where Hood to Go can help, and how I originally conceived of the idea: if I can keep my hair from getting rained or misted on, I can keep it from getting too flat or frizzy. I feel more confident throughout my day and I save time styling and restyling--two benefits that are so valuable to me!

I've come around on my hair in the past few years, with the help of Hood to Go and some of the wisdom that time brings. It may be finicky and flat and frizzy and fine, but it is mine. Plus, I can change it up when I want to and it doesn't melt when I take a curling or flat iron to it the way Skipper's does (something I may or may not have learned the hard way!)