Travel lighter

'How many coats do you really need when you travel?  2, 3, 4?  I would say 2.  Not counting the quintessential colorful plastic poncho seen here.  Pack it for sure...and hope you don't actually have to use it!  Make sure you take along a waterproof raincoat with a hood if you're going to a place where you can expect full on rainy days.  It doesn't have to be that cute!  Just really functional.  Otherwise, take some layering pieces, a cute coat or jacket included.  Could be a blazer, jean jacket, bomber, even a lightweight down vest or little puffy coat.  If you see clouds when you look out from your balcony in the morning and the weather report says a CHANCE of rain, leave that drab raincoat behind and wear something you love,  Just be sure to stash your Hood To Go in your purse or backpack and you'll be ready for anything, except the monsoon-that's when you wear the poncho!

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